January 22, 2005

My prodigious, beer-engorged gut tells me that Bush's Second Inaugural Address will be used by Democrats in the near-future the same way Kennedy's Address has been used, to great political effect, by Republicans.
Quote of the Week:
they introduced him as the honorable president of the united states. and with that lie begins the second term of a much needed abortion.

--Tony Pierce

January 21, 2005

Winning Hearts and Minds: I suppose there are more tasteful ways the government can spend our tax dollars...[Update: FEMA has now dropped the "Tsunami" game].
Liberals in Los Angeles need not feel isolated and beleaguered anymore. It took a year, but AirAmerica is finally going to cross the Blue Curtain, thanks to Clear Channel.

January 19, 2005

The "Barbara Boxer for President" bandwagon starts now...has there ever been any pick for Secretary of State that was so little respected, both inside and outside her own party, as Condi Rice? I guess you'd have to go back to William Jennings Bryan in 1913 to find someone so completely out of his depth, but at least the Boy Orator was picked to run the State Department during peacetime (he had also been right about our imperialist adventure in the Phillipines a decade earlier, the foreign policy debacle most analogous to the current situation).

January 18, 2005

I've been nominated for something called the "Koufax Award", in the category of Blog Most Deserving of Wider Recognition. There's no money in it, and I doubt winning will help me get laid, so check out the site hosting the Sandys, randomly browse through the sites of the other nominees, and vote for one of them.