April 27, 2002

As a follow up, Left Eye was an item with Andre "Bad Moon" Rison, whose house she admitted having torched back in 1994. Thanx for the tip, and remember the new e-mail address, esstheman2@netscape.net

April 26, 2002

The greatest thing about being a sole practitioner is that you can take off early on Friday. In my case, it has more to do with a paucity of clients, but the impact is the same: more hours to drink myself into a stupor. Anyways, I'm thinking about sponsoring a "book club" on this site, kind of like the one's sponsored by more popular blogs, distinguised only by the fact that I will not be performing fellatio on the author afterward. To get things started, please check the provocative reviews on Amazon by Henry Raddick (with appropriate acknowledgments to C.Parsons).
Wasn't Left Eye involved with some NFL player a few years back? Just curious....needless to say, until he has an air-tight alibi, I'm going to assume that Suge Knight was behind this.

April 25, 2002

Incidentally, I have no opinion about the websites listed in the "recommended" section. They came with the new graphics. If I were to recommend sites, I would go for something like the Onion or Media Whores, not something like Google, that everyone already has on their favorites.
Can it be that this man is the Flyers' coach? I report...you decide.
The Philadelphia Flyers look awesome right now. Its always a thing to behold when a great team has that post-season swagger going, a feeling that nothing will stop them....

April 24, 2002

Speaking of which, doesn't the Church's new edict have all the credibility of Sharon claiming that he will clamp down on refugee camp atrocities in the future, or an Arafat promise of zero tolerance on terrorism...
Now that Pope JP2 and the American Cardinals are taking a more skeptical look at the special relationship between priests and small boys, will we see a day when the only professions that embrace pedophiles are piano instructors and Little League coaches? When R.Kelly and Michael Jackson are all they have to look up to?

April 23, 2002

It appears I may have offended someone with my of my recent comments. Matt C. writes:

--For the record, sir...I am NOT follically impaired, I choose to look like a fool. The Flyers don't CHOOSE to be offensively impaired they just suck(and I do find their offense completely offensive). Petrellies has been around far longer than Houston's and don't ever let any of George Petrellies henchmen(Albert Vera, Jimmy The Toe etc.) hear you talk bad or Smythie may end up "sleeping with the calamarie (sic)." And as far as sticking your neck out about the Lakers just how are we to know where your neck is? It's awfully hard to tell where your skull starts and your shoulders end. I think Mr. Vinnie would concur. Good day sir.--

First of all, let me congratulate you for being the first person to use my new, interactive e-mail address, esstheman2@netscape.net.

As for your other comments, I will ignore your personal insults, which I have to say are to be expected from someone of your ideology. It does not surprise me that your companion, "Mr. Vinnie", concurs with your petty diatribe; however, I will continue to support both of you concerning your very courageous lifestyle decisions. I believe the Petrallies' speciality is spelled "calamari". I stand by my prediction concerning the Lakers.
Click here for a very interesting link to a pivotal legal case. Thanks again to Carolyn, that consumate Industry insider.

April 22, 2002

Finally, what all of you have been demanding...a special e-mail address to respond to this site. Any future comments you may have about the events of my life can be made to a special address, esstheman2@netscape.net. Any and all comments will be kept confidential, provided you pay me for my silence.

April 21, 2002

From the N.Y. Times obituary of Layne Staley...

--Mr. Staley was born in Kirkland, Wash., and started playing drums when he was 12 years old, inspired by a Black Sabbath album from his parents' record collection--

Why is it that I'm only three years younger than this guy, and my parents never possessed a Black Sabbath album in their collection?
A follicly-impaired Flyers fan, who for the purposes of this site shall remain anonymous, writes:

--I have no problem with Sharon Stone Peres, unfortunately the Lakers will win, Stuart Anderson's is great but I prefer George Petrellies, (D*****h) is out of her pretty little head, my personal favorite website is bangedup.com and "Don" is wrong, the Pope is actually Canadian. Don't get any on 'ya Smythie! Go Banana Slugs!--

I don't know enough to have an opinion about George Petrellies, which, for those of you who are not familiar with the Culver City area, is a steakhouse in the tradition of Houston's. And of course, I would rather not see personal attacks here, such as the one on my solipsistic friend, D*****h. However, I would like to clarify Don's remarks to me about the "Greek Pope", and is pending visit to L.A. Last night, Don informed me that the "Greek Pope", far from being an actual leader of a religion (ie. Greek Orthodox), is actually a prediction, based on his readings of the Bible and his interpretations of current events. He believes that "Pope Sextus" will rise to power soon (like, next week maybe) and that those who will take power with him are already plotting to control the Southern California region. As proof, he pointed out to me that the Mormons are building a secret temple out in Riverside made of solid gold, and that they aren't really Christians anyway. Next time, I will have to make inquiries as to how those two suppositions are connected; eg., is the Greek Pope really a Mormon?

Fortunately, I can laugh at such wild conspiratorial tales and theocratic nonsense, since I discovered the wisdom of Dianetics.