April 14, 2007

A rare early clip of the Ken Layne-Matt Welch musical juggernaut:

April 13, 2007

Taking a closer look at a closer look at those breasts: Prof. Althouse returns to Bloggingheads, attempts to explain what happened last month when she went all David O. Russell on the show.
95% of Children Abused by Their Parents: A shocking study, if true....
The Lebowski Anthem:

I don't know what any of it means, but apparently bluescreen effects have been around for ages.

April 12, 2007

Disrespecting the Bing: At long last, an interesting story (ie., one not involving arcana about obscure Hollywood attorneys) about the Pellicano Affair: Marlborough girl (Class of '81) sets her gunsights on Harvard boy (Class of '82). Hilarity ensues.*

*Ms. Weiner and Mr. Bing were both in my (Harvard, Class of '81) social circle back in the day. Oh, the parties we attended, the laughs we all shared, the crank phone calls we exchanged....
Media Matters steps away from its normal programming of counting the number of liberals are on Sunday talk shows to do something worthwhile: a damning indictment of other popular radio shock jocks and call-in hosts whose past behavior makes Imus seem like an altar boy.
Racist Quote of the Day:
Oh oh....looks like a pouty Brown Sugar is going to ask Daddy to buy her another pair of Ferragamos. Or invade another country.
--TBogg (referencing a photo of the Secretary of State).

There's an amusing debate going on in the blogosphere over whether Imus is a liberal or a conservative, as if that makes any difference. If "nappy-headed ho" comes out of your mouth when you describe a female college basketball player, you're a racist. If making a lewd reference to a black prostitute is what comes to mind when you need to dis Condaleeza Rice, you're a racist. And it doesn't matter if the nazis over at LGF are pretending to take offense.
The first national poll since the 2008 campaign began to gel shows Clinton leading Obama by 10, Giuliani over a fading John McCain by a 2-1 margin, but Obama the only candidate to lead all comers from the other party. There is a national preference that a Democrat win, but no one has much of a lead in head-to-head matchups. Still, it's hard not to be optimistic if you're a Democrat.

UPDATE [4/12]: More results from that poll (via Yglesias). Edwards also trails Hillary, but does better head-to-head against Republicans. For some reason, Mitt Romney is included in this poll, even though he trails badly within his party, and he's getting walloped by each of the Democrats. Mitt may be the Phil Gramm or Howard Dean of this election, a candidate who raises a lot of money, has intense grass roots support, and is treated seriously by the national media, but proves a disaster before the electorate. Fred Thompson is not matched against Democrats in this poll, and he's the only potential Republican candidate that scares me.

April 11, 2007

I would be a lot more willing to stomp on the throats of Fineman, Carville, Oliphant, Begala, et al., for standing by their friend Don Imus, if I hadn't seen lefty bloggers do the exact same thing during l'Affaire Marcotte last month (interestingly, Marcotte's former boss, John Edwards, was one of the few Democrats who said he felt Imus was entitled to a second chance). Hell, I'd have done the same thing, if one of my friends was in the same position. There is a time for saying difficult truths to a person you care about, and there is a time to stand shoulder-to-shoulder against the onslaught.

It's human nature, and it doesn't matter if your friend or loved one is a racist, an anti-Semite, an anti-immigrant, or an anti-Catholic bigot (and yes, I have had friends and relatives who fit in each of those categories; I don't force potential friends to take political tests, I just want them to take that s*** somewhere else). If a person is truly your friend, your first instinct will be to deny that bigotry is what defines them, then attack their more outspoken opponents (as Imus' buddies are now doing with Sharpton, and Marcotte's allies did with Bill Donahue), even make farcical arguments that what they said is "satirical" or a "joke."

But Imus is not my friend. Calling the Rutgers players, "nappy-headed hos" wastn't an isolated incident, and each of his Beltway Friends knew that. If they wanted to be a true friend to him, to give their loyalty to him some meaning, they had plenty of opportunities in the past to sit him down and tell him that his shtick isn't acceptable, and that it will get him into a lot of trouble one day. But apparently, Carville, Oliphant and the others didn't.

UPDATE: MSNBC axes Imus.
There's a rumor going around that there having problems with the parking at Dodger Stadium.

April 10, 2007

Don Imus, in his own words.

UPDATE: More Imus "jokes," here:

[link via My Two Sense, who also has a clip of the Beltway's Favorite ShockJock using the other "N-word" last month]

April 09, 2007

I think Atrios is missing the point here. Sen. Bradley is talking about how the political system has become dysfunctional, how it can't accomplish anything, because it encourages polarization. Bipartisanship and compromise, which have become dirty words in the lefty blogosphere and with its evil twin, the Bush Administration, aren't simply an expedient way to get what you want enacted into law; they are the only ways to create permanent, lasting solutions to whatever afflicts society without bloodshed.

As we are now seeing in Washington, the only lasting thing that an ideologically polarized government produces is massive discontent, a backlash that undoes whatever temporary partisan advantage that accrued (it also helps that the Bushies went about systematically remaking government in as incompetent a way as possible). If Atrios wants the Democrats to pursue the same rovian tactics after the 2008 election, then he will be fated to see his party become as discredited as the Republicans are today.
Heroin junkies, and the crackwhores who love them:

Easily the most insipid three minutes of singer-supermodel self-indulgent excrudence since the days of Serge and Jane. (h/t via Shannon Collette)
From Matthew Yglesias, comes the Best Blogpost Title of the Year.

April 08, 2007

The world is introduced to another future scourge of the GOP....
Blog turns five today. Happy Easter.