January 04, 2005

Roger ("I Support Gay Marriage") Simon, who spent the better part of two months last summer hyping the varied accounts of the discredited "Swift Boat Vets", and whose obsession with the "Oil for Food Scandal" has been the source of much laughter and merriment at SoCal blogger meetings, opines:
While I respect George W. Bush's evangelical Christianity, I wonder about his giving CBS a chance to be "born again" in the wake of Rathergate. If I had promulgated forged documents on this little blog and then, to this day (months later), had not fully acknowledged what I had done, I would not deserve the attention of anyone. In fact, I'd probably have been too ashamed to continue blogging. Yet CBS (Channel Two almost anywhere) still holds one of the most coveted positions in American television broadcasting.[emphasis mine]
Well, thank Leinart he didn't take his own advice.

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