August 12, 2005

Finally, some good news from the bankruptcy front: the state that has the highest per capita rate of bankruptcy filings, Utah, has seen a decline in filings this year, a trend that continued in July. Utah also has had the lowest growth rate in home values of all 50 states since 2000. I might also point out that here in the Central District of California, after only a slight increase in June, 2005, the number of filings actually declined last month, according to my unofficial count.

UPDATE [8/24]: Spoke too soon. According to the official figures just out, there was a slight increase last month as well, albeit barely over a percent. Again, the increase is entirely due to a moderate rise in the number of Chapter 7 cases; Chapter 13 filings, which reflect the strength of the housing market, are way, way down. So far, so good; the canary hasn't keeled over yet.

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