July 22, 2006

Atrios links approvingly to this bit of unsubtle homophobia:
Randy Andy still seems to be having trouble figuring out if he's Roy Cohn or Oscar Wilde -- persecutor or persecuted. He's not alone: These days it seems like half of Right Blogistan is busy hurling accusations of betrayal and cowardice at the other half, while that other half is trying hard to ignore the many times it fired those same charges across the DMZ into Left Blogistan.
Well, let me help you out, Andy. To paraphrase Grady, the ghostly caretaker from The Shining: You're Roy Cohn. You've always been Roy Cohn. You may have managed to stuff your slime down your own memory hole, but you can't erase the
electronic traces of it, which reveal that you aimed your little Wildean bon mot at Susan Sontag, Nom Chomsky, Michael Moore and Eric Alterman -- none of whom sympathized, immediately or later, with Al Qaeda, except in the diseased tissue of your own shrunken brain.
For whatever reason, Andrew Sullivan seems to turn the Kewl Kidz of the lefty blogosphere into W.A.T.B's. Over-the-top rhetoric that would make Ann Coulter blush always seems to find its way into attacks on someone who has recently become the blogosphere's most eloquent opponent of Bushism.

But I forgot: he once said nasty things about liberals in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. BFD.

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