February 19, 2008

Please Back Away From the Keyboard: Classic Ken Layne, liveblogging tonight's returns over at Wonkette:
11:24 PM — Lanny Davis is on Fox News right now, giving Hillary some much-needed weak Obama attacks to Sean Hannity’s elderly bedridden viewers.
11:29 PM —Wait, is that Blood Red Moon Eclipse tonight? Because the Moon is not doing much over here, outside our window.
11:30 PM — Barack won overwhelming majorities of every demographic except for “
bitter middle-aged liberal women who always bum
everybody out, even at a child’s birthday party, because cake is part of the institutionalized misogynist order
11:31 PM — Did we mention the CNN view of the McCain “victory party” when Washington state was called for the old crazy person? The room was completely empty. All 30 people went to bed when Grandpa Nutsy went to bed. (And his wife Cindy moves stealthily from hotel room to hotel room, collecting Rx bottles.)
The last reference is to a story that is told with much more clarity by Matt Welch, here, and of course, here.

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