February 21, 2003

Took in the CAL-UCLA game at Pauley last night with the lovely Miss Deborah Siemer (btw, we're just friends). Although my beloved Bears ended up losing in overtime, I did have the satisfaction of seeing a complete reversal in the positions of the schools during the course of my lifetime. When I was going to CAL, the UCLA game was the big draw on our home schedule, even bigger than Stanford, and was the one game guaranteed to sell out Harmon Gym. Still, about a quarter of the fans would be for the Bruins; at the time CAL did not have a very good team, KJ not withstanding, and UCLA was, well, UCLA.

Last night, CAL was actually favored to win at Pauley, which might be unprecedented. The Bears were ranked 18th going into last night's game, while the Bruins had lost ten straight in conference, and had not won at home since mid-December. At least a third of the fans, including the majority of the fans sitting outside the student and alum sections, were for the mighty Bears. And those chokers still got beat.

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