June 27, 2006

Brazil 3, Ghana 0: Ronaldo completely pulled the pants off Ghanaian goalkeeper Richard Kingson in the fifth minute, juking and jiving before drilling a shot into the back of the net for his record-breaking 15th career World Cup goal, as Brazil beat a game African squad to advance to next Saturday's quarterfinal. Both this article and the ESPN broadcast noted how the Black Stars played the more attractive soccer, and "dominated" the action, which, quite frankly, is bullshit. Brazil scored right off the bat, played prevent defense and allowed Ghana only a couple of good scoring chances, and hit back when they needed to. Ghana kicked the ball around more, and to use the euphemism favored by soccer geeks, played "creatively" (ie., they looked good when ineffectually firing the ball at the goal), but the game was never in doubt. The score could have easily been 7-0; only the brilliant play of Kingson kept the game respectable. Ronaldinho still hasn't scored, btw.

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Anonymous said...

This was the best match I've watched so far.