June 13, 2006

In addition to being a racist scumbag, a perjurer, and a plagiarist, who despises the widows, police and firemen of 9/11, it also appears Ann Coulter is a world-class airhead. Kudos to Rude Pundit for discovering that she can't even rip off the mistakes and typos of smarter people very well...and to Art Buchwald, who has come out of retirement to pen this column eviscerating NaziPundit. It starts:
A broomstick in my closet was missing. I asked someone about it and he said,
"Ann Coulter took it."

"What did she do with it?" I asked.

She's flying around on it as a witch, looking for more 9/11 widows for a follow-up
book called 'The Coulter Code.'"

I said, "She's a very busy witch. This is her fifth broomstick."
There's also a good Walmart dig at the end.

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