June 13, 2006

No Fitzmas: Karl Rove walks. Bush aide didn't break law. Man Bites Dog.

In the long run, this was probably good news for progressives; Plamegate focused a great deal of attention on the hypocrisy of the Neocon Right, their willingness to expose the identity of a covert agent out of ideological spite, but there are hundreds of better reasons why they should be purged from the engines of power, none of which involve the First Amendment or give blanket protection to the CIA from public exposure. Rove is an odious person who did a crummy thing, but that doesn't mean he committed a felony, and as Ken Starr could attest during his investigation of Ms. Lewinsky, actually proving "perjury" is a damnable task.

Finally, the issue seemed to be a particular obsession of some of the biggest s**ts, c**ts and a**h***s in the lefty blogosphere, so it will be fun listening to their whining the next few days. Joseph Wilson may be a noble public servant who was only doing his job, and he was certainly telling the truth about what he found in Niger, but his fifteen minutes ended a long time ago.

If the megabloggers of the left would spend half of the time thinking about health care or urban poverty that they do popping off about like some low-rent McCarthyite about"Treasongate", the blogosphere might live up to its promise. At least now there's one less distraction to worry about.

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Anonymous said...

The "lefty blogosphere" would be great place were it not for the fact that its leaders always seem like pompous jerks. Good to you for your call.