June 15, 2014

France 3, Honduras 0: Scoreless game til just before the half, as Honduras put everyone back to frustrate, then a nasty shove inside the box by Wilson Palacios led to both a penalty kick and red card, and the game was not in doubt thereafter.  First time goal line technology was used to award a goal (France's second). The initial decision was to call it an "own goal", since the shot hit the goal post, struck the Honduran goalkeeper, and trickled over the line.  I've seen enough hockey games, where there is no concept of an "own goal", to know that putting the ball in a position where an incidental tap by a defending player can knock it into his own net is an offensive skill.  I would just as soon see the term eliminated for all but the most obvious foul-ups, like this:

On the other hand, the first goal here, from the 1974 World Cup, really shouldn't be counted as an o.g.:

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Dean Scully said...

I hate the own goal rule, I agree make it just like hockey and award it to whoever touched it last. Benzema should have had the hat trick in this one.